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Energy Healer

Harmonic Melody practitioner Paula Kavanagh believes a person who continues to seek knowledge will continue to grow into the best version of themselves. For the past half century, she has continued to live by this mantra. She is a graduate from the University of New Haven as a Dental Hygienist she also holds a diploma at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She believes if we stop learning we stop growing, continued education will be an endless pursuit.

In addition to her formal education she has studied with Reiki Masters, Sound Healers, Shamans, Crystal teachers. She has been given the nine Rites of the Munay-Ki along with the Right of the Womb. 

She practices daily to “Be the change” she wishes to see in the world. As a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Master of Crystology, Sound Healer, and a Munay-ki facilitator she hopes to continue to grow into the best version of herself.

Paula has taken the knowledge she has acquired and through her intuitive abilities she has merged Reiki, Sound and Crystal healing into a modality she calls Harmonic Melody. It is the art of balancing energy with the different healing modalities being used.

Reiki, Sound, and Crystal Healing

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